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NJ Bankruptcy Articles
- by New Jersey Bankruptcy Attorney Bolko Rokicki

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Statistics and References

- 2011 NJ Bankruptcy Statistics
- New Jersey Bankruptcy Law Directory
- New Jersey Bankruptcy Law Distinctions
- Bankruptcy Do's and Dont's

Bankruptcy Schedules

- NJ Bankruptcy Schedules Explained
- Converting Chapter 7 to Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
- Personal Injury Claims in Bankruptcy
- Trustee Duties and Responsibilities
- Disbursement of Non-Exempt Assets in Bankruptcy

Filing for Bankruptcy

- What Is Bankruptcy Credit Counseling?
- Who Can File For Bankruptcy?
- How Do You File Bankruptcy?
- What Documents Do I Need to File Bankruptcy?
- Can You Cancel a Bankruptcy After Filing?
- The Emergency Bankruptcy

The 341(a) Meeting

- What Happens After You File Bankruptcy?
- What Can I Expect at My Section 341(a) Meeting?
- Tips For Getting Through a NJ 341(a) Meeting
- Common Questions at the Meeting of Creditors
- What Debts Cannot Be Discharged In Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy Effects

- Benefits of Bankruptcy
- Does Bankruptcy Stop Wage Garnishment?
- Will I Lose My Car In Bankruptcy?
- Will I Lose My House In Bankruptcy?
- Bank Accounts and the Right to Setoff

Things to Watch Out For

- Preferences: What Are They?
- Discharging Taxes

Due to the complexity of bankruptcy law and the severe consequences of any mistakes made in your bankruptcy petition (potentially resulting in a denial of discharge or losing assets that could have been exempted), it is highly recommended that you retain an experienced New Jersey bankruptcy attorney to represent you in NJ Bankruptcy Court. For a free bankruptcy consultation, call the Rokicki Law Firm at 973 - 671 - 8529. Free yourself from debt today!