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The Rokicki Law Firm | Affordable New Jersey Bankruptcy Lawyer
Low-Cost NJ Bankruptcy | Legal Fee: $900 + Filing Fee of $306

You're broke. That's why you're filing for bankruptcy.

We get it. We know you're hurting- that's why at the Rokicki Law Firm, we offer no-asset Chapter 7 bankruptcies at an affordable legal fee of $900 plus the filing fee of $306. You will also have to receive credit counseling (usually around $30); if you have any real property, you will have to get appraisals for it. That's it. No hidden fees. No hourly surcharges or surprise statements each month. You deserve a chance at a fresh start- and the Rokicki Law Firm will help you get it.

If you can't manage to pay your bills anymore and want to explore your options, don't wait and fall even further into debt- call our NJ bankruptcy attorney for a FREE consultation at 973 - 671 - 8529. We offer inexpensive bankruptcy filings so that people like you can get back on track again. Free yourself from debt today!

Get Rid of Debt

How would it feel to live debt-free again? No more missed credit card payments, no more stress about money issues, and no more harassing calls from debt collectors! Bankruptcy will get rid of all of your dischargeable debt- so call today!

Keep Your Property

Filing for bankruptcy does not mean you have to give up your property. When using the right exemptions, most debtors wipe out their debt and are able to keep all of their property!

Stop Foreclosure

Chapter 7 bankruptcy by itself won't eliminate your mortgage debt- but it will give you the time you need to re-organize your finances so that you can catch up on missed payments. When your credit card debt is discharged, you can use the money you've freed up from your credit card payments to help make paying your mortgage easier.

Stop Wage Garnishment

You work hard to support your family- don't let creditors take 15% of each paycheck you bring home. Bankruptcy immediately stops garnishments and allows you to keep all of the money you've earned.


Everyone deserves a fresh start. If you feel you are sinking into debt with no way out, be it from job loss, unexpected medical bills, or high interest rates on credit cards or loans, then bankruptcy could be the solution for you. From our bankruptcy law office in Morris County, we help individuals all throughout northern New Jersey explore their options with regards to bankruptcy. Call the Rokicki Law Firm today to find out if you qualify for a discharge of your debts, and take the first step to living a debt-free life!

What to Expect

When you file for bankruptcy, you shouldn't feel helpless or have to wonder what is going on. At the Rokicki Law Firm, we explain exactly what happens throughout the bankruptcy process. We will guide you every step of the way, from the preparation of the Bankruptcy Petition all the way to your Bankruptcy Discharge. We are always available to explain important concepts such as Mandatory Credit Counseling, the Automatic Stay, and Section 341 Meetings. Give us a call today for more information about how you can begin your New Jersey bankruptcy filing!

NJ Exemptions

When you file for bankruptcy in New Jersey, you don't have to automatically surrender all of your property in exchange for a discharge. Due to New Jersey opting in to the federal bankruptcy exemptions, debtors in New Jersey have the opportunity to save most of their property when filing for bankruptcy. At the Rokicki Law Firm, we thoroughly analyze each bankruptcy case to make sure that all of our clients get the maximum bankruptcy exemption that they deserve. To find out what property you can save when filing for bankruptcy, give us a call today!